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In a world where everything is increasingly political and marginalizing to vulnerable communities, axel gerber designs chooses to accept that reality and express their political viewpoints via the clients we pursue and serve and the messages we support and proliferate via social media and our own brand.

There are many variations in how we may choose to reflect this challenging and worthwhile path forward. We believe operating with visibility, both ideological and financially, is the only way to exist and truly rejoice in a successful business model, one that supports true jobs creation and financial continuity.

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axel gerber

Axel Gerber comes from a varied background. He started working at 8 years old, often to feed himself and his sister; sometimes, just to play pinball. He has owned two businesses, worked as a private detective - criminal defense, sorted garbage for Waste Management, worked project management for 1.5m piece print runs, worked as a microsoft data manager, and marketing executive for an internationally renowned small business development firm.

As of January 25, 2017, Axel graduated from IMCP, a year-long certificate program at San Diego Continuing Education, successfully updating his graphic design skills after a 20-year hiatus.

Jane Larrington serves as a silent partner and financial advisor. Upon establishing our LLC, Jane will serve as CFO and board member-at-large.

Jane works as Legal Reference Librarian at the University of San Diego LRC.

Zoe and Emma hold down the fort when we are working and away. Always under foot and in search for a treat, these two give new meaning to the words "old and grumpy!

Of course, they also redefine "cute."


Yep, we are a company of new designers and techie folks that love to create and intend on being hella prolific in the years to come! Cheers!

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I would like to have a widget in here that loads quotes from lesser known greats or historically relevant to todays issues.

Find the widget, Axel. Find the widget. I feel like such a noob!

AKA @transgreaser, you can discover much about our designer's personal opinions and beliefs. "I've never been very good at hiding who I am...it's just safer to be honest and true. Of course, there is also wisdom in knowing when to choose 'safety first!'"

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